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The Challenge

Root system function is compromised by inadequate availability of phosphorus, calcium, and soluble carbon due to chemical tie-up in the soil. 

The Science

Phosphorus, calcium, and carbon require specific chemical reactions to maintain plant availability. Increased availability and solubility leads to improved quantity and quality of roots.


Optimum phosphorus nutrition is associated with the quality and quantity of the root system. Natural soil chemistry conditions tend to quickly tie-up conventional phosphate fertilizers into chemical bonds that cannot be assimilated by the plant. Conventional phosphate is often applied in excess to compensate for these undesirable soil chemical reactions.


Calcium plays an essential role in root growth and is often overlooked. Inadequate plant available calcium will severely limit root growth.


Soluble carbon is critical to proper microbial function in the soil. Adequate microbial activity in the soil directly impacts root development.

The Redox Solution

For optimal root development minimize undesirable phosphorous chemical reactions. Also, promote phosphorus and calcium solubility through improved soil microbiological activity. Last, supplement with plant available calcium where required. Redox has four tools that may be beneficial for improving root development: MAINSTAY Calcium, Rootex, H-85 and P-58.

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