Redox strives to be responsible stewards and continues to be a pioneer in sustainable practices. We seek to provide viable and successful business practices for current and future generations.

Reducing Phosphorus Inputs

Economic Goals and Practices

Our economic goals include improving the net income of each person involved in the value chain and continuing to be regulatory compliant with federal and state governments.

Social Goals and Practices

Our social goals include improving agronomic practices that increase farm operation efficiences and providing a safe work environment by pursuing certifications that promote improvement and safety.

Environmental Goals and Practices

Our environmental goals include providing products and solutions that minimize environmental impact on water, soil, and air quality and reduce overall fertilizer input on farm production.

4R Program

Redox values being a part of the 4R program and provides educational opportunities to teach growers how to best apply Redox products at the right rate, time and place. We will continually research groundbreaking technology that will reduce the amount inputs a grower will need on the farm. In this sustainable quest with Redox, we all will become better stewards of the land.

Right Source

Matches fertilizer type to crop needs.

Right Rate

Matches amount of fertilizer to crop needs.

Right Time

Makes nutrients available when crops need them.

Right Place

Keeps nutrients where crops can use them.
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