Redox Midwest

We are excited to provide a Redox Midwest agronomic strategy to help your crops thrive.

Since 1994, our family business has been at the cutting-edge of technology, helping growers throughout the U.S. and internationally grow a wide variety of specialty and row crops, ornamentals, and turf grass.

Extensive research has gone into this pallet program. This product combination provides efficient, effective nutrition with added bio-stimulants to help your plants achieve redox homeostasis, or plant charge balance.

The result is nitrogen optimization unlike anything else in the market. For 30 years, Redox Bio-Nutrients has provided an unbeatable combination of proven science, cutting-edge technology and customer service.

We look forward to working with you, to achieve success this season and for seasons to come.

Product Rates & Timings


Abiotic Stress Defense
Banx™ is specifically formulated with the proper ratio of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and boron. It contains proprietary soluble carbon compounds that improve antioxidant production and abiotic stress defense.
Nitrogen Metabolism
This combination enhances nitrogen metabolism in plants and improves overall yield and quality.
Apply ½ lb/acre at V10-VT
Apply ½ lb/acre from R1-R3
Apply ½ lb/acre via foliar, sprayed at feekes 3.5
(+ fungicide timing)


Nitrogen Optimization
RDX-N™ is a patent-pending combination of bio-stimulants that contain specific compounds of a botanical extract to increase nitrogen optimization in your crop. The nitrogen optimization of RDX-N™ assists plants in finding balance in a way that is different from conventional agronomic wisdom for nitrogen. Our extraction process assures a stable shelf-life of three years.
Apply at minimum 1 pt/acre at planting with nitrogen application.
At Sidedress
Apply at minimum 1 pt/acre at sidedress with nitrogen application.

Mainstay Si™

Calcium and Silicon Nutrition
Mainstay™ Si is specifically formulated to provide efficient calcium and silicon nutrition. Silicon enhances the proper uptake and organization of calcium for cell wall structure.
Abiotic Stress Defense
Calcium and silicon deficiencies lead to abiotic stress and cell wall degradation. Mainstay™ Si is unique in its ability to improve abiotic stress defense and reduce drought stress.
Apply 1 pt – 1 qt/acre at V4-V6
(+ post-emergence application)
Apply 1 pt/acre via foliar, sprayed R1-R3
(+ fungicide timing)
Apply 1 pt/acre via foliar, sprayed at flag leaf(+ fungicide timing)

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