While there were overall benefits from our wet winter and spring, the downside has been felt by coastal strawberry growers.  Following the wettest period in a generation or more, usually productive fields have struggled to produce many berries so far this year. It has been too cold and too wet to get anything close to normal yields.

I’m working with my growers in Monterey County to incorporate H-85™ Flowable on their strawberry fields, which provides many benefits, including plant stimulation, overall soil health, and nitrogen efficiency. Moisture is better held inside the root zone, helping the symbiotic relationship of the microbes and roots.  At a quart per acre once a week, H-85 provides a key carbon element in the soil, boosting nitrogen metabolism just in time for the key second berry pick for the summer.

We are probably out of our rainy period, and there’s time for berry farms to rebound. The Monterey crop has been several weeks behind a normal pace, and growers hope they can return to normal fruit production, while still finding a window without a lot of competition from Santa Maria and Oxnard.

Hopefully for summer picnic season and the Fourth of July, there’s a much steadier strawberry supply from Monterey County that will be enjoyed by consumers far and wide.

Achieving maximum potential of turf growth and health begins with root development.  But not all soils are equal in their ability to foster strong roots.

If everything the plant needed was already in the soil, you wouldn’t need to add fertilizer.  The fact is that, in most growing environments, phosphorus inputs are a necessary part of root development.  A sufficient amount of plant available phosphorus is required in the soil, to provide the energy source for root development.

Unfortunately, this increasing regulated and expensive nutrient source is easily tied up in the soil with positive charged elements such as calcium (Ca++) and iron (Fer++). Phosphorus tie-up is a serious agronomic problem, particularly in low carbon-based soils where divalent cations such as calcium, iron and zinc are present.

Being a double negative charged anion, phosphorus ( P= ) easily combines with the double positive charge of a divalent cation like calcium ( Ca++ ).  Calcium is reminiscent of a rock. (A good example is human teeth are made of calcium phosphate.)  This hardened and inefficient pairing occurs with the vast majority of the applied phosphate.

Fortunately, Redox has an effective solution to this problem.

TurfRx P+ provides complexed phosphorus that is in plant available ionic form, along with amino acids to help plants develop lateral root branching.

Proper complexing with carbon molecules protects the phosphorus from tie-up with other cations in the soil.

Additionally, enhanced plant metabolism with soluble carbon compounds increases the plant’s ability to take up nutrients.

TurfRx P+ is phosphorus containing fertilizer with fulvic and humic acid complexes that are formulated to deliver the nutrients directly to the plant.  In addition, TurfRx P+ contains a proprietary combination of L-Amino acids that promote lateral root branching and increasing root mass gives the plant the ability to assimilate soil nutrients and water more efficiently.  With superior effectiveness, Turf Rx P+ allows turf managers to achieve phosphorus nutrition at dramatically lower application rates when compared to conventional phosphate products.

In the lab and real world field applications, the results have consistently proven to demonstrate that Turf Rx P+ delivers more effective uptake by the plants while protecting ground and surface water from unnecessary nutrient leaching.

Growers far and wide have experienced a sluggish start to spring. The West, in particular, has been inundated with epic rain and snowfall.

While ultimately beneficial, the influx of water – coupled with a later return to more traditional weather – means growers are in go mode to manage their crops and get them back to where they will deliver the best results at harvest.

Whether it is row crops being planted, grapes at early shoot growth or perennial crops with developing fruits and nuts, ensuring soil health, root growth, efficient delivery of nutrients, and recovery from abiotic stress are all keys to success in farming.

Getting the plant growing well, and overcoming oversaturated conditions includes jump starting the low microbial activity and nutrient availability. A sign of the times is something known as spring fever. When it’s a wet spring, leaves found on trees and vines often have a yellowish hue instead of the preferred dark green color. This is caused by insufficient nutrient availability.

Because of the wet soil conditions, nitrogen availability is often less than optimal.  Other management challenges include poor leaf out and leaf expansion, bacterial blast and phytophthora.

We have several products that will help get things back on track:

Rootex™ is a high phosphorus fertilizer reacted with soluble carbon and six L-amino acids. The complexing technology it contains helps reduce soil tie-up and significantly improves phosphorus efficiency.

RootRx™ improves antioxidant production and stimulates root growth and metabolism. It’s a great addition to starter programs, as well as a fantastic product to give an in-season boost to root growth and development.

H-85™ improves soil microbial diversity and soil health, as well as synthetic nitrogen efficiency.

We’re also seeing growing interest in the West for F-70™, which enhances soil microbial activity and nutrient availability with a more fulvic-based carbon material.   Whether it’s in a San Joaquin Valley orchard or young potato or onion field in the Pacific Northwest, growers will be making up for lost time in the next several weeks. We are here to help restore full health and effective nutrient delivery to all crops.

Burley, Idaho: Redox Bio-Nutrients is pleased to announce the addition of a new Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. Following a successful 24-year career at the Salt Lake City-based law firm Ray, Quinney & Nebeker, Sam Straight has started his new job in a top position at Redox Bio-Nutrients, a leader in carbon-based, ultra efficient plant nutrition.

Straight’s new job as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Redox is effective immediately. His position involves a wide range of responsibilities, including operational, sustainability, regulatory, and legal matters.

“I am thrilled to take on this new challenge,” Straight said. “I have worked with Redox as a client for many years and have the greatest respect and appreciation for its people and its innovative work. I am excited to help Redox move even closer to its goals to be the world’s leading bio-nutrient company in agriculture and turf and to help growers achieve the most productive, efficient and sustainable results.”

“We are grateful to have Sam added to our team,” remarked Colton Moon, Redox Bio-Nutrients President. “His depth of knowledge, intelligence, and innovative approach perfectly align with our business.”

Bio-nutrients are a growing area in agriculture. While they are more established in Europe and Asia, an increasing number of U.S. growers incorporate these practices into their farm operations.

Founded in 1994, Redox Bio-Nutrients has manufacturing facilities in Idaho, Georgia, Texas and Mexico, providing several dozen patented and proprietary products, both conventional and organic. These nutritional products help in four key areas: Root Growth, Soil Health, Abiotic Stress Defense, and Nutrient Efficiency. Redox Bio-Nutrients products are sold to agricultural, turf, and ornamental markets throughout the United States and in 20 countries.

To learn more about Redox Bio-Nutrients, visit redoxgrows.com.

Media contact: Jim Morris, Communications: 208-250-6044, jim.morris@redoxgrows.com

Research Objective
The purpose of the trial was to measure the relative impact of diKaP™ on apple blossoms at various freezing temperatures.

Key Outcomes
diKaP™ improves the ability of apple trees to withstand freeze events.

Freezing temperatures during bloom can destroy crops. The evaluation of diKaP™ to minimize freeze damage was made in the field as well as in a freeze chamber.

The Trial

G.S. Long R&D, assisted by Redox Bio-Nutrients


diKaP™ was foliarly applied to fruit trees at the rate of 4 lbs./acre

Evaluation Parameters
  • Percent kill
  • Bloom viability utilizing freeze chamber for optimum accuracy

Yakima, WA


Application was performed at bloom

As we get into spring and temperatures rise, apple, cherry, and pear orchards in the Pacific Northwest will awaken from their winter dormancy. As we enter bloom and shortly after, there are several steps growers can take to get the results they want to see in the bin come harvest time.

Calcium is one key. Mainstay™ Si and Mainstay™ Calcium 2.0 are important tools to help influence the quality you’ll see at harvest.

For tree fruit growers, nitrogen metabolism is key to proper set and sizing. You need to put nitrogen to use for reproduction, not vegetative growth.

Other key inputs include our TriPlex™ Micronutrients, to give the plant everything it needs to achieve optimum fruit quality.

RootRx™ is another important product to use early on. Growers used to consider it more of a reactive product if they saw a need for it in their orchards.  It has now been elevated to an integral part of a grower’s nutrition program. Through smaller, regular applications, root metabolism and vascular strength are greatly aided. It also provides an overall reduction of abiotic stress during the season, which is on every grower’s priority list.

The growing season has not been as severe as elsewhere in the west. After a mild start to fall, temperatures quickly dropped. Many trees didn’t have a chance to drop all of their leaves, making pruning a lot harder. As everyone in agriculture knows, all growing seasons are different. Flexibility, maintaining healthy soil and plants, with minimizing stress with nutrients effectively delivered are a proven way to end each year on a positive note.

Idaho Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke presented today’s award to Redox Bio-Nutrients CEO Darin Moon

Boise, Idaho: Darin Moon, owner, founder, and CEO of Burley-based Redox Bio-Nutrients was among the honorees at today’s Idaho Ag Summit, presented by Leadership Idaho Agriculture.

Moon was honored for technical innovation as part of the 28th annual Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Agriculture. Since founding Redox Bio-Nutrients nearly 30 years ago, Moon has guided his company to be at the forefront of technological advancements to help farmers. Ultra-efficient Redox Bio-Nutrients products are an important tool for sustainable and profitable farming. Customers span across the United States and internationally, with Redox products utilized on a wide range of crops, from almonds to turf.

Darin Moon and Dr. Michael Parrella, University of Idaho Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

“This is a wonderful, absolutely well-deserved honor for Darin” remarked Dr. Michael Parrella, University of Idaho Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. “When I think of what he has accomplished at Redox, I think of a research-based program that’s backed up by scientific data collection and validation. When he talks about a product that’s going to be used by farmers, it’s backed up by science.”

Also honored today in Boise were Susi Larrocea (Education/Advocacy), Justin Place (Environmental Stewardship), Jim and Hillary Lowe (Marketing Innovation), and Scott Brown (Lifetime Achievement).

Agriculture is a vital industry in Idaho, with $8.45 billion in total production value in 2021, according to the US Department of Agriculture. The state has nearly 25,000 farms and ranches, producing more than 185 different commodities. Nearly one-fifth of Idaho’s sales are generated by agriculture, food and beverage processing each year, according to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

About Redox Bio-Nutrients
Redox Bio-Nutrients exists to create passion and excitement in growing healthier plants. We help growers succeed in four primary areas, soil health, root development, abiotic stress defense and nutrient efficiency. Find out more at redoxgrows.com.

Cover Photo by Davidlharlan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Burley, Idaho: Volatile markets, product shortages, geopolitical unrest and extreme weather have challenged farmers and consumers alike. Ensuring food security is more important than ever, and agricultural research is vital to this process. There’s rising hope that the University of Idaho-led Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) will help future agricultural viability.

Burley-based Redox Bio-Nutrients today announced a $500,000 gift to this groundbreaking effort.

“Collectively, we can move mountains” said Michael Parrella, Dean of the University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. “From the Idaho Legislature to Redox and others in agriculture, it truly is a remarkable partnership that will pay widespread dividends.”

This financial commitment is the latest support for the $45 million CAFE project, which, when completed in 2024, will be the nation’s largest research dairy and will have many other components to foster scientific research, agricultural sustainability and consumer education.

“Agriculture is at a transformative state of change right now,” said Darin Moon, CEO of Redox Bio-Nutrients. “We have to move forward through sound science that allows us to positively adapt and change. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to contribute in a significant way, because it’s a part of who we are.”

To learn more about the U of I CAFE Project, please visit uidaho.edu/cafe.

Media contacts
University of Idaho, Carly Schoepflin, Director – Communications and Strategic Initiatives

Redox Bio-Nutrients, Jim Morris, Director of Communications

About the University of Idaho
The University of Idaho, home of the Vandals, is Idaho’s land-grant, national research university. From its residential campus in Moscow, U of I serves the state of Idaho through educational centers in Boise, Coeur d’Alene and Idaho Falls, nine research and Extension centers, plus Extension offices in 42 counties. Home to nearly 11,000 students statewide, U of I is a leader in student-centered learning and excels at interdisciplinary research, service to businesses and communities, and in advance diversity, citizenship and global outreach. U of I competes in the Big Sky and Western Athletic conferences. Learn more at uidaho.edu.

About Redox Bio-Nutrients
Redox Bio-Nutrients exists to create passion and excitement in growing healthier plants. We help growers succeed in four primary areas, soil health, root development, abiotic stress defense and nutrient efficiency. Find out more at redoxgrows.com.

It’s the calm before one of the busiest times of the year for corn and soybean growers in the Midwest. Right now, growers are finalizing cropping decisions and inputs. They need to be dialed in with their programs in advance of planting in early spring.

A key to spring planting is getting crops into and out of the ground evenly and consistently. Everything that takes too long to engage is going to put downward pressure on yields, which is exactly what every grower wants to avoid.

My customers have used Rootex™ and RootRx™ with great success, to go in-furrow along with their starter fertilizers. These two products help jump start a plant’s root system, helping build lateral branching and beefing up the mass of the root system.  Strong root growth through Rootex™ and RootRx™ helps the plant’s nutrient uptake.

The result is less stress for the plants, and a better chance for yields to meet or exceed expectations.

A little of these Redox products goes a long way. With 1 quart to 2 quarts per acre. The ultimate measure of success, ROI, is usually double or greater than fields that aren’t in our programs.

Following planting, growers will move into foliar applications to keep crops heading in the right direction.

Later in the growing season, fighting against abiotic stress is a major priority. Since we don’t know what Mother Nature will provide, it’s good to keep diKaP™ in mind, as it gives the corn plants extra oomph around the critical tasseling time of early summer.

Having a few valuable tools in the bag, like diKaP™, Rootex™, Mainstay™ Si and RootRx™, can make valuable contributions to success come harvest time.

Many farmers have readily adopted high-tech ways of growing their crops. One of the newest developments saves one of the most precious of all resources, time.

Redox Bio-Nutrients is proud to partner with ChrysaLabs and their cutting-edge soil sampling technology. ChrysaLabs has developed a portable AI-based soil health probe that measures 37 soil nutrients and characteristics in real time for producers and agronomists, replacing the need to wait for traditional lab analysis.

Redox recently incorporated a fleet of ChrysaLabs Probes in their soil testing. The faster soil analysis helps growers get a jump on taking the needed steps to having healthy, productive fields and orchards.

“This exciting technology brings, in essence, lab-level analysis to the field,” said Gifford Gillette, Redox Bio-Nutrients Lead Researcher. “Analyzing soil in 30 seconds instead of the current standard of three days provides tremendous value by saving time and expense over the traditional approach.”

Reducing the timing of soil sampling to a small fraction of traditional tests should provide widespread benefits for growers in their efforts to boost sustainability. For example, a spectrometer is estimated to reduce Greenhouse Gases by more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which scientists say contribute greatly to climate change.

Find out more about this groundbreaking technology at chrysalabs.com

Media contacts:
Redox Bio-Nutrients, Jim Morris, Director of Communications
208-250-6044 jim.morris@redoxgrows.com

ChrysaLabs, Philippe De L’Etoile, Marketing Lead

About Redox Bio-Nutrients
Redox Bio-Nutrients exists to create passion and excitement in growing healthier plants. We help growers succeed in four primary areas, soil health, root development, abiotic stress defense and nutrient efficiency. Find out more at redoxgrows.com.

About ChrysaLabs
Better soil intelligence for better decisions. ChrysaLabs is a fast-growing ag tech at the intersection of agriculture and innovation. The ChrysaLabs Probe uses three onboard sensor technologies, Cloud computing and AI to extract real-time data from its patented spectroscopy technology providing soil insights within seconds allowing field managers to take the best actions minutes after sampling, making the right calls on the spot. More soil insights for growing sustainability, higher yield, and optimized costs.