by John Kelly

Plants require 16 essential nutrients and utilize a few non-essential beneficial nutrients. Strategic application of specific crop nutrients during key growth stages has proven to improve crop performance. An understanding of the specific growth stage nutrient requirements can greatly improve environmental and financial outcome.

One of the most important growth stages for improving yield potential in permanent crops occurs the preceding season. This important strategic stage is post-harvest. Permanent crops naturally allocate resources to the root system after the crop is harvested. The key resource allocated and stored in the root system post-harvest is carbohydrates. By storing these reserve carbohydrates in the roots, plants have a ready source of energy for the rapidly developing crop the next springtime while the plant root system may not yet be fully functional.

Crop plant root system

The nutrients ideal for fall post-harvest applications are ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and boron. Ammoniacal nitrogen, particularly when applied via foliar application, is absorbed directly into the plant for protein production. Phosphorus provides energy and promotes root development. Potassium facilitates nutrient uptake and movement. Zinc provides critical enzyme activation required for the root carbohydrate storage process. Boron is essential for future reproductive growth potential.

A proven product to promote increased carbohydrate storage is Banx™. Banx™ is a reacted nutrient product containing potassium, phosphorus, zinc, boron, and specific carbon compounds for exceptional performance. Combined with any ammoniacal nitrogen product, Banx™ is a powerful tool for increasing yield potential.

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John Kelly
John Kelly is from Salt Lake City, Utah and was raised with the involvement in production agriculture in Idaho. After graduating with a B.S. Agricultural Economics from Brigham Young University and a B.A. in Spanish - Brigham Young University agriculture was a constant in his life. Before his involvement in Redox, he worked for two large agribusiness corporations in California; worked for a small specialty startup for a few years. Now working with Redox as a Corporate agronomist, he enjoys seeing the direct impact of the benefits of his studies. You can find john with his family boating, skiing, hiking, running, cycling, and more in his free time.
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