Transitioning Turf from Dormancy

by Todd Scott

Turfgrass, like all plants, must store carbohydrates in their root system to provide energy during early transition periods. It is highly beneficial to ensure a strong fall carbohydrate building program, as well as provide a carbohydrate rich transition program in the spring.

Plants use photosynthesis to convert sunlight energy into carbohydrates (CH20).  Carbohydrates are short chained, energy packed carbon molecules that are fundamental in plant physiology.  Even when plants have a steady supply of nutrients, optimum plant performance is not assured unless they produce adequate amounts of carbohydrates.

For optimum plant health and performance, it’s vital that each step of the growth process works without being slowed down or blocked.  TurfRx Supreme™ acts at one of the key initial steps to promoting increased photosynthetic activity and improved nitrogen metabolism, which efficiently enables the production of amino acids, the building blocks of plant proteins.  

TurfRx Supreme™ provides a fermented carbon complex, sugar alcohols and balanced nutrients for increased plant metabolism and stronger plant performance. The result is a reduction in excessive vegetative plant growth and improved turf quality.

Todd Scott
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. Background in Agriculture: 36 years in the Golf Course industry Schooling: College/Major: B.S. in Plant & Soil. From Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Passions/Hobbies: Camping, Hunting/fishing/ Golf What is your favorite thing about Redox? Sustainable products that not only feed efficiently, but improve soil biology at the same time.
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