Vigorous Roots Make for a Solid Foundation for Coastal Strawberries

by Kort Holzwart and Bill Schwoerer

Strawberries are a dominant player in Central Coast agriculture. The unbeatable combination of climate, soil, and grower know how make the Salinas, Watsonville, and Santa Maria areas a phenomenal place for berry production.

Preparations are well underway on the approximately 35,000 acres of strawberry fields for 2024. Growers are currently fumigating, laying protective plastic in fields, and will be transplanting strawberries for the next one to two months.  Once these plants are in the ground, stimulating root growth to establish the plants for the upcoming season is critical to reduce transplant loss and build a solid foundation for next year’s berry production.

Redox Bionutrients has industry leading tools to get strawberry plants off to the best possible start.  Redox products incorporate biostimulation plus nutrition to optimize plant growth.

Growers who incorporate Redox products see superior results vs traditional inputs.  Incorporating some or all of the following products will help build a solid foundation for the season ahead:

We suggest two applications per month after planting, then repeating this nutrition every month thereafter.

Growers weathered an up and down 2023, following a barrage of storms. With a strengthening El Niño and a significant investment of time, capital, and resources, give your strawberries the best chance to flourish by adding Redox root health materials to your program.

Kort Holzwart
Kort was born and raised in the Salinas Valley and is a proud Fresno State Alumni. He has been in sales for most of his life selling vegetable seed to farmers and distributors. Most of his sales were in the Salinas Valley but he has also lived in Syracuse, New York where he sold seed through distribution in the Northeast. The rest of Kort's agricultural experience has been through working for an irrigation fittings manufacturer and soil company.His career passions include building long-lasting relationships and seeing growth with his customers and company. In his spare time, you can find him on the golf course, playing with his nieces and nephews, catching a sporting event, or traveling to new places.Kort will support Redox customers in the Salinas Valley and Paso Robles areas. Dr. Danny Klittich will continue to support customers in the Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Imperial Valley areas.
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Bill Schwoerer
Bill Schwoerer has extensive experience in the agricultural industry including roles focused on crop nutrition, biostimulants, and vegetable seed. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. His track record includes building mutually successful relationships for several agriculture companies including AlgaEnergy, Concentric™ Ag Corporation, Valent® USA, Harris Moran® Seed Company, Seminis® Vegetable Seeds, Inc., Abbott® Laboratories, and A. Duda and Sons®.
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