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The Challenge

A healthy soil supports optimum soil biology and plant growth. Imbalances in soil chemistry, soil biology, or plant physiology lead to reduced soil health.

The Science Soil Chemistry

The chemical makeup of any soil has a profound impact on relative soil health and the ability to support optimum plant growth. Key chemical factors are pH, salinity, soil cations, and organic matter composition.

Soil Biology

The quantity and diversity of soil biology is a primary indicator of soil health. Proper biology relies on various factors to support optimum function: root growth, air:water relationships, soluble carbon, and chemical balance. These factors improve nutrient availability.

Plant Physiology

Plants form a symbiotic relationship between roots and soil microorganisms. This is accomplished through plant root exudates. As plants release exudates into the soil, there is an increase in quantity and diversity of soil biology.

The Redox Solution

Redox recommends four products that are essential for the soil health of any growers program.

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