Preparing for Pre-Bloom

By: John Kelly
February 14, 2018

Spring is an exciting time of the year in the agricultural world. Permanent crops are coming back to life after the winter dormant season. Trees and vines will soon be in full bloom expending a tremendous amount of energy, that is, for the most part, coming from stored carbohydrates from the previous year. For annual crops, growers are anxiously awaiting the right soil moisture and temperature to start the process of putting new seeds into the ground or transplanting young seedlings. Whatever the case, plants will be consuming energy with very little help from photosynthesis. Providing plants with the right nutritional and soluble carbon inputs will help kick-start plant growth at this critical time of year. There are key nutrients to consider during this critical time of the year:

  - Boron is critical to cell wall formation and reproductive tissues.
  - Zinc is important for hormone production and internode elongation.
  - Copper, iron, and manganese are critical for photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.
  - Phosphorous is responsible for energy production and essential for root growth.
  - Calcium is critical for proper cell wall strength, root growth, and soil structure.
  - Nitrogen is necessary for protein production and plant growth.

Don't forget the importance of soluble carbon in your nutrient program. Soluble carbon provides the plant carbohydrates, amino acids and other carbon compounds that increase nutrient utilization and improve nitrogen metabolism as well as stimulating microbial activity in the soil. Remember that once a plant gets behind it is very difficult to catch up. Stay ahead of the game and reach your full crop potential!

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