The Heat is On

By: Darin Moon

I was going through the weather across the nation and noticed that the west is going to have unprecedented heat over the next 7 days. As you are aware, diKaP from Redox has been proven to reduce heat stress in plants. I thought I would share with you how I discovered diKaP.

When we were searching for a great combination of phosphorous and potassium, most people were using either phosphorous/KCl or MKP (monopotassium phosphate). As part of my original patent, I wanted to try different combinations of potassium and phosphorous to improve plant response.


Well, after several trials and several years of research, the best response came from the formulation we call diKaP. The formula has been improved over the original formula several times, adding plant extracts along with humic and amino acids. This has improved efficacy significantly. What, you may ask, is the difference in diKaP and other phosphorous/potassium combinations? The plants respond beyond just the uptake of potassium and phosphorous.

We could measure phosphorous and potassium levels in plants from other combinations, and even when the levels were the same as diKaP, the plant performance of yield, quality, and stress reduction was always better with diKaP.

During this time of unprecedented heat, I would encourage you to keep the plant metabolism going with a soil or foliar application of diKaP, or our new formulation of Banx that has added micronutrients. This will help you achieve maximum yield, quality, and ROI.


Formulated to provide efficient potassium and phosphorus, diKaP™ contains proprietary soluble carbon compounds that improve antioxidant production and increase plant respiration. Antioxidant production and increased plant respiration improves Abiotic Stress Defense decreasing the impacts of heat stress.

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