Upgrade Your May Sprays

It’s time for May chemical sprays. This timing coincides with a physiological stage in almond production that presents an excellent opportunity to increase crop income. Cell division is over and cell sizing is now beginning. The heavy crop set this season is going to tax the trees with high oxidative stress. Potassium is the nutrient responsible for water and nutrient movement in plants. If potassium is in short supply, nut fill will be limited effectively reducing yield potential.


diKaP™ is the ideal input for nut fill. It is a potassium and phosphorus product that increases plant respiration. In addition, it uniquely promotes phenolic compound production for reduced abiotic stress.

Apply two pounds per acre of diKaP™ with insecticide/fungicide sprays. Multiple applications are beneficial and diKaP™ is just as effective applied either through fertigation or foliar.


If zinc and boron nutrition are in short supply, apply 3 pounds of Banx™ instead of diKaP™. Banx™ contains diKaP™ plus chelated zinc and complexed boron.

Banx™ is specifically formulated with the proper ratio of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and boron to build carbohydrates and nutritional reserves within the plant.

TriPlex™ Micro

If zinc, iron, manganese, copper and boron are determined to be necessary, combine two pounds of diKaP and 16 – 32oz of chelated and complexed TriPlex™ Micro.

TriPlex™ Micro is an L-amino acid micro-nutrient fertilizer and is designed with specific micronutrient ratios that improve nitrogen metabolism.

2 – 3lbs/acre
2 – 3lbs/acre
16 – 32oz/acre

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