A New Era for Redox Bio-Nutrients Turf Products Begins this Fall

by Todd Scott

Starting October 1, Redox will re-enter the turf market with direct sales of an expanded and Redox-branded product line to turf retailers. Customers can reach out directly to us for questions, product information, technical questions, and orders.

The Redox TurfRx™ line includes more than a dozen products, which have been part of a successful formula for golf courses throughout the U.S. and internationally for many years. Our patented products and processes provide significant help in achieving optimum soil health, water retention, thatch reduction, nitrogen efficiency, and other key areas.

Prior to October 1, all Redox TurfRx™ orders and communications will continue to be managed by Aquatrols. Please continue to communicate with Aquatrols’ Territory Managers regarding account information and product needs until September 30.

Find out more information on Redox TurfRx™ at RedoxTurf.com or contact Redox Turf Agronomist, Todd Scott, at todd.scott@redoxgrows.com or (314) 602-5623.

Todd Scott
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. Background in Agriculture: 36 years in the Golf Course industry Schooling: College/Major: B.S. in Plant & Soil. From Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Passions/Hobbies: Camping, Hunting/fishing/ Golf What is your favorite thing about Redox? Sustainable products that not only feed efficiently, but improve soil biology at the same time.
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