Prudent Moves for Your Next Crop

by Justin Rose

Solid decision making is part of the bedrock of successful farming. As we enter prime harvest season for many fruit and nut crops in the San Joaquin Valley, many growers will also begin to crystalize their game plan for 2024.

When harvest wraps up, trees and vines will be depleted of energy and nutrients. Smart strategy should include rebuilding key building blocks for the next season through many strong soil and foliar application options.

Here are practical ways to get off on the best footing next year:

Build your plant’s carbohydrate reserves to put your crops in the best position for bud formation and pollination. Banx™ increases plant respiration and meets vital nutritional needs by allowing more carbohydrate production. It’s also an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and boron.

Humic and fulvic rich H-85™ increases microbial diversity, soil health, and increases nitrogen efficiency by 25%.

Lateral root branching is among the benefits of Rootex™ and Rootex™ Flowable, a high phosphorus fertilizer reacted with solution carbon and 8 L-amino acids.

RootRx™ is a botanical extract that stimulates root growth and metabolism.

Rx Platinum™ is another excellent choice for roots, as well as boosting microbial diversity.

Getting your trees and vines back to solid nutritional health will also better safeguard them from abiotic stress. With so much erratic weather this past year, bolstering getting your crops well-positioned for the next season is more important than ever before.

Justin Rose
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