Taking the Sting Out of Summer

by Danny Adamo

We’re used to it being hot at this time of the year, although the recent temperature spike has still been a jolt to many.

Plants feel that same jolt.

From nut orchards in the Sacramento Valley to wine grapes in Napa County or the Sacramento Delta, this is an important crop development time. Savvy growers understand that reducing abiotic stress will take away a major roadblock to fruit and nut development. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the shock on your crops, while providing superior plant nutrition at the same time.

Proven Redox Bio-Nutrient technology provides highly available nutrition, plus the benefits of biostimulant compounds to mediate seasonal stresses. Products include:

diKaP™, which benefits plant respiration and antioxidant production.

Mainstay™ Si helps with antioxidant production, as well as improving calcium and silicon nutrition.

OXYCOM® Calcium is another of our products that provides widespread benefits, including antioxidants, accelerating photosynthetic activity, and a powerful nutritional boost of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur.

With our advanced technology, a relatively small amount of these products can make a significant difference. Growers invest so much time, energy, and resources into their crops. I want to help them ensure that a sweltering summer won’t derail all that effort.

Danny Adamo
Danny graduated from Chico State with a degree in Agricultural Business. After college, Danny transitioned to a full-time role as the ranch manager for Paschoal Farms in Winters, California. He managed 700 acres of walnuts, 500 acres of rice, in addition to plantings of hay, wheat, corn, and beans. He oversaw all capital improvement projects and new asset acquisition.
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