ABIOTIC STRESS DEFENSE – Reducing Abiotic Stress Caused by Poor Nitrogen Metabolism Reduces Hull Rot

Research Objective
Assess diKaP™ efficacy to improve nitrogen metabolism during hull split to reduce hull rot incidence.

Key Outcomes
diKaP™ reduced the incidence of hull rot by 3 to 6 times.

University research indicates that excess free nitrogen in almonds will lead to hull rot. Focusing on abiotic stress through improved nitrogen metabolism can lead to reduced hull rot incidence.

diKaP™ is formulated to provide efficient potassium and phosphorus. diKaP™ contains proprietary bio-active carbon compounds that improve antioxidant production and nitrogen metabolism. Improved antioxidant production and nitrogen metabolism will increase Abiotic Stress Defense.

The Trial

Dr. James E. Adaskaveg, University of California, Riverside


diKaP™ was applied at 3 lbs./acre Mid-July and Early-August

Evaluation Parameters
  • Hull Rot incidence per tree

San Joaquin Valley, CA



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