by Darin Moon

What are Bio-Active Compounds?

For years, agriculture science has focused on 3 main areas for the continual need of improving crop/fruit production and quality.

1. Mineral nutrient application for plant growth thru focusing on pounds per acre of fertilizer for “x” crop yield.

2. Pest and pathogen control thru application of chemistry that reduced pest and pathogen damage.

3. Varietal crossbreeding for improved pest and pathogen resistance, yield and quality, and market acceptance.

Recent scientific advances have now created the necessity for a 4th category for improving crop/fruit yield and quality, phenyl and antioxidant production.

green fields, mountainous background

It is now clear that the production of Bio-Active compounds is critical to the ability of a plant to adapt to environmental conditions. Redox has proven that increasing the production of Bio-Active compounds will improve yield and quality. Redox has developed specific products to further enhance yield and quality.

Bio-Active compounds have the ability to interact with one or more components of the plant to impact plant metabolic processes related to growing conditions. As products produce Bio-Active compounds, plants have the ability to combat abiotic stress.

Here is the introductory video on Abiotic Stress Defense.

Video on abiotic stress


Questions? Want to know more about Abiotic Stress – Part 1 of 3?

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