by Darin Moon

By: Darin Moon

Redox prides itself on being a plant technology company that incorporates innovative and proprietary technology that allow the plant to grow beyond current yields. As market pressures become more piercing, it is important to understand how to combat those pressures with technology that help the crop produce more. Three technologies that Redox incorporates are chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation and these technologies are incorporated into each Redox product. Here are some common questions that consultants and growers ask about Redox’s chelation, complexing and microencapsulation processes.

What is chelation, complexing and microencapsulation?

Chelation is the utilization of the charge of an organic molecule to react with the positive charge of a mineral ion. Complexing is the utilization of an organic molecule that carries both a positive and negative charge. Microencapsulation is the fusion of a mineral ion with a surfactant molecule to reduce a negative soil chemical particle.

Why is it important for the plant to utilize chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation into Redox products?

The Redox Bio-Nutrient process of chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation is critical for 2 main issues in agriculture:

1. To prevent mineral ions in Redox plant nutrient products from negatively reacting with other mineral ions in fertilizer mixes or in water. This negative reaction will form insoluble compounds and reduce plant nutrient availability.

2. To prevent mineral ions in Redox plant nutrient products from negatively reacting with other mineral ions in the soil or in the soil solution. This negative reaction will form insoluble compounds and reduce plant nutrient availability.

How does chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation lead to more yield and better quality?

The Redox Bio-Nutrient process of Chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation will improve yield and quality thru ensuring delivery of available plant nutrients thru either soil or foliar applications.

How long has Redox been using these processes?

Redox has utilized Chelation, Complexing, and Microencapsulation since its inception, recognizing that it is not just the amount of fertilizer, but how you blend the fertilizer from the point of view of plant physiology, soil chemistry, and soil biology.

What separates Redox technology (chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation) from other similar processes?

From the beginning, Redox Bio-Nutrients has recognized and implemented the following in its manufacturing processes:

i. The right form of nutrient. Redox not only looks at the minerals in its fertilizer blends but focuses on the raw ingredient source of the raw mineral in determining the proper blend of nutrients, chelation, complexing, and microencapsulation.

ii. A balanced blend of minerals for proper plant nutrition. The ratio of plant nutrients and other organic compounds are as important as the quantity of material applied.

iii. Application rate. The efficiency of Redox Bio-Nutrients is critical in the overall nutrition of plants. Due to the increased efficiency, there is fewer negative reactions and tie-up of plant nutrients, improving the biology and efficiency of the soil, the soil biology, and the plant.

iv. Application Timing. Knowing when to apply Redox Bio-Nutrients is additionally critical to the efficiency and efficacy of our nutrient blends. Improved efficiency of Redox Bio-Nutrients is accomplished thru understanding soil chemistry, water chemistry, soil biology, and plant physiology.

What other factors are considered apart from chelation, complexing and microencapsulation?

a. While Chelation, Complexing, and Microencapsulation are extremely important to Redox Bio-Nutrients products, there are other important factors involved in the manufacturing process:

b. The actual process itself. Often raw ingredients must be mixed in a certain order, or must be preblended, or mixed in a certain ratio. The goal of any Redox product is to create the product to compliment either soil chemistry, water chemistry, soil biology, or plant physiology.

c. A significant part of Redox Bio-Nutrient Products is the addition of organic molecules specific to plant nutrition or Abiotic Stress Defense. These organic molecules come from plant extracts, amino acid extracts, humic acid extracts, or fermentation extracts.

As you can see, it is the complete understanding of how plants grow, and the desire to work with nature that makes Redox Bio-Nutrients industry leaders in plant nutrition and Abiotic Stress Defense.

For more information, feel free to watch the video below, or contact your Redox representative today.

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