by Jasmine Baird

As summer approaches, it’s important to note the limiting factor of heat stress on a plant’s potential yield and quality. Implementing management strategies to minimize the impact heat and other summer stresses have on a plant is crucial. One of the most effective tools available is diKaP™.

diKaP Increases Plant Restoration

diKaP™ is an efficient source of phosphorus and potassium that contains bioactive carbon compounds that improve the respiration and antioxidant production of a plant. Providing plant available P and K allows those mineral ions to go straight to work. Phosphorus, being the key component of ATP, is necessary for energy utilization. Potassium plays a crucial role in plant respiration by increasing stomatal conductance which helps the plant’s ability to regulate solute movement and gas exchange during temperature extremes. When the plant can take up more water and nutrients, it produces more proteins, sugars, and carbohydrates increasing the plant’s yield.

In addition to the plant available mineral nutrition, diKaP™ contains bioactive carbon compounds that help to increase the production of phenolic compounds, a specific type of antioxidant. This is important for secondary plant metabolism pathways that produce color, brix, and other factors that influence yield and quality of the plant.

closeup cluster of blueberries

diKaP™ is an effective tool during the summer heat and can provide several benefits. Whether helping increase nut fill, bulking potatoes, increasing apple color or reducing cherry doubling, diKaP™ provides benefits to every crop.

Contact your local agronomist to find out you can best utilize diKaP™ on your crop this summer!

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Jasmine Baird
Jasmine Baird grew up in Yakima, WA with both agriculture and Horticultural in her background. She later attended Utah State and graduated with her Agribusiness degree. In her free time, Jasmine likes to travel. For five summers, she worked in Alaska for a salmon processing plant. Now working at Redox as an agronomist, she enjoys the ability she has to give Redox growers the tools vital for their crop success
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