Spring is Finally Upon Us. Here are the Keys to a Successful Season.

by Jared Sannar

Growers far and wide have experienced a sluggish start to spring. The West, in particular, has been inundated with epic rain and snowfall.

While ultimately beneficial, the influx of water – coupled with a later return to more traditional weather – means growers are in go mode to manage their crops and get them back to where they will deliver the best results at harvest.

Whether it is row crops being planted, grapes at early shoot growth or perennial crops with developing fruits and nuts, ensuring soil health, root growth, efficient delivery of nutrients, and recovery from abiotic stress are all keys to success in farming.

Getting the plant growing well, and overcoming oversaturated conditions includes jump starting the low microbial activity and nutrient availability. A sign of the times is something known as spring fever. When it’s a wet spring, leaves found on trees and vines often have a yellowish hue instead of the preferred dark green color. This is caused by insufficient nutrient availability.

Because of the wet soil conditions, nitrogen availability is often less than optimal.  Other management challenges include poor leaf out and leaf expansion, bacterial blast and phytophthora.

We have several products that will help get things back on track:

Rootex™ is a high phosphorus fertilizer reacted with soluble carbon and six L-amino acids. The complexing technology it contains helps reduce soil tie-up and significantly improves phosphorus efficiency.

RootRx™ improves antioxidant production and stimulates root growth and metabolism. It’s a great addition to starter programs, as well as a fantastic product to give an in-season boost to root growth and development.

H-85™ improves soil microbial diversity and soil health, as well as synthetic nitrogen efficiency.

We’re also seeing growing interest in the West for F-70™, which enhances soil microbial activity and nutrient availability with a more fulvic-based carbon material.   Whether it’s in a San Joaquin Valley orchard or young potato or onion field in the Pacific Northwest, growers will be making up for lost time in the next several weeks. We are here to help restore full health and effective nutrient delivery to all crops.

Jared Sannar
Jared grew up in Gridley, California and learned a lot from working with family in different farming aspects involving prune and peach production. He learned at a young age that he wanted to remain in agriculture and help farmers make sound business decisions. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from Brigham Young University. Jared and his wife, Bethany, have four children. He loves family outings, including fly fishing, beach trips and many other outdoor activities. Jared enjoys playing football, baseball, basketball and golf, and is a big college sports fan.
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