Achieving Phosphorus Efficiency for Strong Root Development

by Todd Scott

Achieving maximum potential of turf growth and health begins with root development.  But not all soils are equal in their ability to foster strong roots.

If everything the plant needed was already in the soil, you wouldn’t need to add fertilizer.  The fact is that, in most growing environments, phosphorus inputs are a necessary part of root development.  A sufficient amount of plant available phosphorus is required in the soil, to provide the energy source for root development.

Unfortunately, this increasing regulated and expensive nutrient source is easily tied up in the soil with positive charged elements such as calcium (Ca++) and iron (Fer++). Phosphorus tie-up is a serious agronomic problem, particularly in low carbon-based soils where divalent cations such as calcium, iron and zinc are present.

Being a double negative charged anion, phosphorus ( P= ) easily combines with the double positive charge of a divalent cation like calcium ( Ca++ ).  Calcium is reminiscent of a rock. (A good example is human teeth are made of calcium phosphate.)  This hardened and inefficient pairing occurs with the vast majority of the applied phosphate.

Fortunately, Redox has an effective solution to this problem.

TurfRx P+ provides complexed phosphorus that is in plant available ionic form, along with amino acids to help plants develop lateral root branching.

Proper complexing with carbon molecules protects the phosphorus from tie-up with other cations in the soil.

Additionally, enhanced plant metabolism with soluble carbon compounds increases the plant’s ability to take up nutrients.

TurfRx P+ is phosphorus containing fertilizer with fulvic and humic acid complexes that are formulated to deliver the nutrients directly to the plant.  In addition, TurfRx P+ contains a proprietary combination of L-Amino acids that promote lateral root branching and increasing root mass gives the plant the ability to assimilate soil nutrients and water more efficiently.  With superior effectiveness, Turf Rx P+ allows turf managers to achieve phosphorus nutrition at dramatically lower application rates when compared to conventional phosphate products.

In the lab and real world field applications, the results have consistently proven to demonstrate that Turf Rx P+ delivers more effective uptake by the plants while protecting ground and surface water from unnecessary nutrient leaching.

Todd Scott
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. Background in Agriculture: 36 years in the Golf Course industry Schooling: College/Major: B.S. in Plant & Soil. From Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Passions/Hobbies: Camping, Hunting/fishing/ Golf What is your favorite thing about Redox? Sustainable products that not only feed efficiently, but improve soil biology at the same time.
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