by Todd Scott

As we move into the summer months, we know the inevitable challenges from hot weather will be upon us. The list of hurdles includes heat, drought, soil moisture management, poor water quality, nutrient imbalances and more.

Turf loss due to disease or abiotic stress conditions is not an option, especially on golf greens. Fortunately, there are numerous products and combinations to work with.

When it comes to strengthening turf during the summer months, what can be done to avoid severe losses?

Why TurfRx™ OxyCal?

TurfRx™ OxyCal was designed to help plants grow through severe stress events by providing active oxygen and vital mineral ions to increase antioxidant levels, while simultaneously putting down a stronger root system, forming hardier leaves that enhances cellular vitality to increase photosynthetic activity despite the adverse growing conditions.

When to use TurfRx™ OxyCal?

Well, there are a couple ways to look at it. One is, adding 1-2 lbs./acre in your turf application tank mix starting in the spring and maintain that rate of 1-2 lbs. as you move through the summer season. Keeping the TurfRx™ OxyCal in at these low rates helps build up plant health as you move into and throughout the summer stress season.

Secondly, as you watch the weather forecast and the upcoming week is for extreme heat say on cool season bent/poa greens and you want to get TurfRx™ OxyCal down before the heat dome hits. 3 – 5 lbs./acre is the recommended rate.

Thirdly, it’s been hot, you walk out on your greens, and they don’t look bad, but they need something, they are not happy, and we have a lot of summertime left to go. Some call it the ‘911 spray,’ as they see the need to turn these greens around right now. At this point, 5 lbs./acre is recommended. Spray on, let set all day as a foliar application, water in that evening.

How to use it?

Mixing instructions.
1. Tank half full of water
2. Agitation on
3. Add Defoamer
4. Take basket screen out, add directly into tank water
5. Measure amount in a measuring cup, 28 oz or 800ml is roughly 2 lbs. See pics below

Pitcher of TurfRx Oxycal
TurfRx OxyCal

6. Work two pounds at a time to avoid mistakes
7. Add TurfRx™ OxyCal into tank slowly
8. Once desired rate is achieved give it a few minutes to react and hydrate before adding other products.

When mixing TurfRx™ OxyCal, always mix in the tank first. Do not get in a hurry, take your time, as it needs a few minutes to react. It’s like Alka-Seltzer, drop two tablets in a glass of water, and you must wait until it is fully reacted and hydrated before it’s ready.

grassy law with hill

Can I mix other products in with TurfRx™ OxyCal?

Yes, you can. Fungicides, PGR’S, other fertilizers.

But let’s pump the brakes here a minute.

For TurfRx™ OxyCal applied at the 1 – 2 lb./acre rate, I have not received any negative feedback on compatibility when mixing it at these rates.

TurfRx™ OxyCal applications at the 3-5 lb. rate are recommended during times of extreme stress events, like high heat. Greens are stressed already, TurfRx™ OxyCal is going to deliver, bio-active carbon compounds, properly complexed P-K, Calcium and Sulfate Sulfur. I would consider adding in a fungicide and let it due its thing.

I know it’s painful to make an application with only two or three things in the tank, but when under severe stress and you have 5 lbs./acre of TurfRx™ OxyCal in the tank, let’s not push it. When making a 911 spray to turn things around, this maybe the most important and beneficial spray of the year.

If you are at the 5 lb. rate and want 5 or 6 other products in the tank, that’s your call, I have seen it work, but let’s concentrate on the main issue, that is get this plant back on a track, then move on from there.

Yes, this approach may require an extra spray application that week, but it is well worth the extra time spent doing so versus trying to jam multiple products in the tank that could cause a tank mix nightmare.

It’s important to remember that TurfRx™ OxyCal needs lots of free water to hydrate during mixing, and to stay hydrated in the tank. The more products you add, you increase the odds of the TurfRx™ OxyCal not getting fully hydrated and delivering its full potential of plant health benefits.

The ability of the plant to deal with or productively grow through plant stress is often directly related to the plants ability to metabolize soluble carbon molecules and mineral nutrients.

Closeup of plant enzyme enhancement of growth

TurfRx™ OxyCal boost key plant enzymes and antioxidants which enhance plant growth, even under severe stress conditions.

It’s almost like you’re tricking the plant to grow in an environment that is better that it is – something valuable when the summer heat is on!

Todd Scott
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