by John Rouse

Cotton fields are blooming at farms throughout North and South Carolina. This is an important stage of the growing season. What happens over the balance of this month in the more than 700,000 acres will go a long way to making a successful harvest in October and November. 

Dryland farming is very common for row crops in the Carolinas, so moisture is often unpredictable. While many corn and tobacco fields had issues due to periodic water shortages, the cotton growing season has been good so far.

Mainstay™ Si has been a proven winner in cotton. Adding just a pint per acre, at a cost that’s less than the price of a fast-food meal, a double-digit increase in lint cotton has been documented.

Depending on yield, that can mean quite a bit, in the neighborhood of a tenfold return on investment for growers.

I’m working to get more growers on board, as the return on investment is a definite strength for Mainstay™ Si use. There’s nothing comparable for improving calcium and silicon nutrition, fortifying cell wall strength and increasing the plant’s antioxidant production. Through microencapsulation, the nutrients don’t get tied up elsewhere. They can be absorbed directly, where they have the biggest benefit.

Cotton yields

Cotton yields can range from a bale and a half to up to three bales per acre, with bales weighing 500 pounds. I want to help growers secure those top yields, and fortunately have a product that can provide big help. We’re the new kid on the block for this crop and this region, but popularity is growing every year, so we’re on a great track.

Mainstay™ Si is easy to use that mixes without difficulty.

diKaP is another Redox product that provides a strong late season boost of potassium and phosphorus.

Rising expenses are a challenge for growers across America, and cotton is no exception. Those higher input costs can cause a more conservative approach, but the cost to benefit ratio is definitely in favor of incorporating Mainstay™ Si.

I hope those higher costs for growers will be outweighed by excellent returns, for both the crop and a farmer’s bottom line, come harvest time. 

Questions? Want to know more about Here’s One Step that can make a Big Difference in Your Cotton Yields?

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