Improve Grape Quality

­Focusing on nutritional balance post bloom in grapes is an extremely important income opportunity. Key imbalances during this physiological period cannot be offset with agronomic inputs and practices later in the season. Redox Bio-Nutrients has three products that are essential in addressing these concerns:


diKaP™ is formulated to provide efficient potassium and phosphorus. diKaP™ contains proprietary soluble carbon compounds that improve antioxidant production and increase plant respiration. Antioxidant production and increased plant respiration improves Abiotic Stress Defense.

Apply two pounds per acre of diKaP™ with insecticide/fungicide sprays. Multiple applications are beneficial and diKaP™ is just as effective applied either through fertigation or foliar.

Supreme™ Flowable

Supreme™ Flowable is specifically formulated to target plant sugar alcohol production related to crop bloom, set, and size. The combination of plant nutrients and increased sugar alcohols will enhance nitrogen metabolism in plants and improve overall yield and quality.

Banx™ is specifically formulated with the proper ratio of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and boron to build carbohydrates and nutritional reserves within the plant.

Mainstay™ Si

Mainstay™ Si is specifically formulated to provide efficient calcium and silicon nutrition. Silicon enhances the proper uptake and organization of calcium for cell wall structure.

Lack of calcium and silicon nutrition leads to abiotic stress and cell wall degradation. Mainstay™ Si is unique in its ability to improve Abiotic Stress Defense and increase cell wall strength.

diKaP™ Rate
Apply 1 lb/acre every 14 days to improve berry quality – color, uniformity, and brix
Supreme™ Flowable Rate
Apply 1 qt/acre during sizing applications. Repeat 2-3 times 10-14 days apart
Mainstay™ Si Rate
Apply 16-32 oz/acre during sizing applications. Repeat in-season as needed

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