ABIOTIC STRESS DEFENSE – diKaP™ Reduces Plant Freeze Susceptibility

Research Objective
The purpose of the trial was to measure the relative impact of diKaP™ on apple blossoms at various freezing temperatures.

Key Outcomes
diKaP™ improves the ability of apple trees to withstand freeze events.

Freezing temperatures during bloom can destroy crops. The evaluation of diKaP™ to minimize freeze damage was made in the field as well as in a freeze chamber.

The Trial

G.S. Long R&D, assisted by Redox Bio-Nutrients


diKaP™ was foliarly applied to fruit trees at the rate of 4 lbs./acre

Evaluation Parameters
  • Percent kill
  • Bloom viability utilizing freeze chamber for optimum accuracy

Yakima, WA


Application was performed at bloom

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