Time to Focus on Fruit Quality

by Jasmine Baird

As we get into spring and temperatures rise, apple, cherry, and pear orchards in the Pacific Northwest will awaken from their winter dormancy. As we enter bloom and shortly after, there are several steps growers can take to get the results they want to see in the bin come harvest time.

Calcium is one key. Mainstay™ Si and Mainstay™ Calcium 2.0 are important tools to help influence the quality you’ll see at harvest.

For tree fruit growers, nitrogen metabolism is key to proper set and sizing. You need to put nitrogen to use for reproduction, not vegetative growth.

Other key inputs include our TriPlex™ Micronutrients, to give the plant everything it needs to achieve optimum fruit quality.

RootRx™ is another important product to use early on. Growers used to consider it more of a reactive product if they saw a need for it in their orchards.  It has now been elevated to an integral part of a grower’s nutrition program. Through smaller, regular applications, root metabolism and vascular strength are greatly aided. It also provides an overall reduction of abiotic stress during the season, which is on every grower’s priority list.

The growing season has not been as severe as elsewhere in the west. After a mild start to fall, temperatures quickly dropped. Many trees didn’t have a chance to drop all of their leaves, making pruning a lot harder. As everyone in agriculture knows, all growing seasons are different. Flexibility, maintaining healthy soil and plants, with minimizing stress with nutrients effectively delivered are a proven way to end each year on a positive note.

Jasmine Baird
Jasmine Baird grew up in Yakima, WA with both agriculture and Horticultural in her background. She later attended Utah State and graduated with her Agribusiness degree. In her free time, Jasmine likes to travel. For five summers, she worked in Alaska for a salmon processing plant. Now working at Redox as an agronomist, she enjoys the ability she has to give Redox growers the tools vital for their crop success
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