Bio-Nutrients poised to be a Key Ingredient in Successful Farming in 2024

by Jim Morris

Burley, Idaho:
Improving soil health and growing strong plants through bio-nutrition is gaining broad acceptance, and new breakthroughs in scientific research indicate a bright future for more progressive growers. Redox Bio-Nutrients is a longstanding leader in the bio-nutrition field.

“The right way to go about plant nutrition and soil health is to deal with input and outcome,” said Darin Moon, CEO of Redox Bio-Nutrients. “Today’s scientific understandings will help growers radically increase nutrient efficiency and lower carbon emissions at the same time.”

While hundreds of bio-nutrition companies have recently started, Redox celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The company provides carbon-based, highly efficient nutrition with biostimulant properties to agriculture and turf producers across the U.S. and internationally.

The growing body of scientific research, coupled with success stories from growers of a wide variety of crops, indicate this area is ripe for expansion among U.S. farmers. Quantifiable benefits from biostimulants include improved size and firmness for multiple crops, as well as dramatic nitrogen efficiency gains while maintaining strong crop yield.

Moon said the understanding of bio-nutrients at a cellular level makes him even more optimistic for successful and sustainable farming, resulting in bountiful, nutritious food for consumers.  The key remaining step is a paradigm shift in agriculture, with more growers choosing efficient, effective bio-active inputs instead of high-volume more traditional fertilizer sources.

“It is not OK to know better and keep doing the same thing,” Moon said. “It is OK to take a risk and to make a change when there’s science behind it. We need to do the right thing, not the easy thing.”Redox Bio-Nutrients exists to create passion and excitement in growing healthier plants. We help growers succeed in four primary areas, soil health, root development, abiotic stress defense and nutrient efficiency.

Jim Morris
With 30+ years in Agricultural Communications, including California Farm Bureau and California Rice Commission, Jim Morris brings a strong voice to Redox Bio-Nutrients. As Director of Communications, Jim spearheads the podcast, interviewing customers, retailers, and others throughout the country. This has enabled him to make a fundamental, positive difference for farmers. In his own words, "When agriculture is strong, we all win!"
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