Your Plants Succeed when Balance is Achieved

by Darin Moon

At first glance, your farm field may appear to be calm and orderly.  In reality, plants are under constant stress in many fields across the country. A wide variety of factors can cause this stress, including weather, pests, and even nutrition delivered without forethought to a balanced approach.

Each plant takes up nutrients, which all have an electrical charge, either positive or negative. As the plant grows, it strives to do what’s needed metabolically to have a 50-50 charge balance (homeostasis). If your fertility program creates an uneven charge environment, your plants will have to work much harder to achieve homeostasis and yield will be compromised.

The less plants need to work to reach homeostasis, the more time they will spend ensuring positive outcomes, including yield and crop quality.

Here’s the stark truth: the current mainstream fertilizer approach deals with pounds per acre and how you apply it.

I have dedicated more than half of my life to understanding plant physiology. I’m convinced that a more accurate way to view your fertilizer program is charge per acre, meaning the charge of the nutrients you apply.

By far the most common charge imbalance in a plant comes from nitrate nitrogen. The question you need to ask yourself is “does my system have enough carbon to convert the nitrate nitrogen to amino acids?” If not, nitrate nitrogen will sit in the leaf. That negative charge must be balanced. The greatest nutrient that balances this charge is potassium. Ideally, you would want potassium to spend its time moving sugars around in the plant, instead of balancing an all-too-common nitrogen charge imbalance caucused by overapplication. Whatever crop you grow and wherever you grow it, your plants will prosper when the plant can focus on effective movement of starch and sugar rather than balancing excess nitrogen charge.

Redox technology is formulated from the best natural sources with the highest quality extraction and manufacturing processes. We combine 13 key carbon chemistries with biostimulants, to promote improved root growth, healthy soil, efficient uptake of nutrients and abiotic stress defense. Our products go a long way to keeping your plants balanced, leaving more money in your pocket after harvest.

Other keys to our technology are active substrates we developed, which contain organic molecules in the form of antioxidants. They play a pivotal role in absorbing the free charges that are otherwise destructive to plants.  In simple terms, our active substrates provide whatever electrons are needed to balance the needs of your plants. Understanding plant charge balance and dedicating yourself to achieving it is part of the Redox paradigm shift in agriculture. We in agriculture know better and now must do better for more productive farms and healthier food for consumers.

Darin Moon
Darin Moon is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Redox Bio-Nutrients
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