Getting Your Corn and Soybeans Off to a Good Start

by Chad Calhoun

It’s the calm before one of the busiest times of the year for corn and soybean growers in the Midwest. Right now, growers are finalizing cropping decisions and inputs. They need to be dialed in with their programs in advance of planting in early spring.

A key to spring planting is getting crops into and out of the ground evenly and consistently. Everything that takes too long to engage is going to put downward pressure on yields, which is exactly what every grower wants to avoid.

My customers have used Rootex™ and RootRx™ with great success, to go in-furrow along with their starter fertilizers. These two products help jump start a plant’s root system, helping build lateral branching and beefing up the mass of the root system.  Strong root growth through Rootex™ and RootRx™ helps the plant’s nutrient uptake.

The result is less stress for the plants, and a better chance for yields to meet or exceed expectations.

A little of these Redox products goes a long way. With 1 quart to 2 quarts per acre. The ultimate measure of success, ROI, is usually double or greater than fields that aren’t in our programs.

Following planting, growers will move into foliar applications to keep crops heading in the right direction.

Later in the growing season, fighting against abiotic stress is a major priority. Since we don’t know what Mother Nature will provide, it’s good to keep diKaP™ in mind, as it gives the corn plants extra oomph around the critical tasseling time of early summer.

Having a few valuable tools in the bag, like diKaP™, Rootex™, Mainstay™ Si and RootRx™, can make valuable contributions to success come harvest time.

Chad Calhoun
Chad is no stranger to agronomy. Growing up in Iowa, he helped on the family farm with row crops and cattle, where he found his passion for the work. This set him on a path to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Colorado.
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