by Bill Schwoerer

Especially in today’s volatile environment, growers need to prioritize efficiency and return on investment in their decisions.

This is especially true in growing regions like Orange County, California, a highly urbanized area with high land values, a tight water supply, and farm fields that are smaller and more spread out than in places like the Central Valley.

It’s a great day when our products can make a tangible difference in the lives of food producers.  In a recent trial with Mark Lopez, Vice-President Field Operations at Orange County Land Management, applying Supreme in fresh market green bean plantings, showed a positive difference including plant uniformity, vigor, color and likely much higher yield and quality over their current crop nutrition program.

The results after two applications of Supreme from Redox Bio-Nutrients at only 42 ounces per acre have produced bean plants with excellent color, uniformity, plant vigor and visible differences in how the plants fill row middles vs those with their previous fertilizer they have been using.

In the trial, the planting to the left of this photo show bean plantings grown with their prior crop nutrition product, while the plants on the right were fertilized with Supreme™ from Redox Bio-Nutrients.  The difference is visible to the row.

Supreme provides enhanced plant nutrition through the combination of both macro and micronutrients plus fermentation metabolites that improve nutrient uptake by the plants, including improved nitrogen metabolism.  

Based on these trial results, there’s growing momentum for greater use of Redox Bio-Nutrients to help other crops on the farm in the future.

Bill Schwoerer
Bill Schwoerer has extensive experience in the agricultural industry including roles focused on crop nutrition, biostimulants, and vegetable seed. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. His track record includes building mutually successful relationships for several agriculture companies including AlgaEnergy, Concentric™ Ag Corporation, Valent® USA, Harris Moran® Seed Company, Seminis® Vegetable Seeds, Inc., Abbott® Laboratories, and A. Duda and Sons®.
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