by Justin Rose

After quite a run of late summer heat, temperatures are making their seasonal drop in early fall here in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. That means it’s time for citrus growers to take steps to ensure this year’s crops are well-positioned for success.

Good nutrient movement and facilitation within the plant are vital to properly size citrus and ensure the best quality fruit. With temperatures declining, cutting-edge technology from Redox Bio-Nutrients can make a major difference.

Utilizing diKaP™ at 3 to 4 pounds per acre immediately in September, followed 3 to 4 weeks later with the same application rate, provides enough carbon compounds for the energy and soluble potassium to finish the filling out process and boost quality going into harvest.

Employing the same time frame with Rx Platinum™, at a rate of 64 to 96 ounces per acre, is highly recommended. Rx Platinum™ takes technology from three of our products and combines it into a liquid form to give oranges, lemons, and mandarins the potassium and soluble carbon they need to thrive.

Growers using this approach should notice darker green trees, denser fruit, and a thicker rind. Stronger groves result in better quality fruit, with a longer shelf life, and better storability when in cold storage.

The first citrus of the season is harvested around Thanksgiving, while the latest varieties mature in the summer.  Taking the proper steps now should pay dividends in your groves when these harvests occur.

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