by Jared Sannar

Harvest is underway and the end of the season is fast approaching. Your trees and vines expended tremendous energy producing this year’s crop. Now is the prime opportunity to address nutrition for next year’s crop.

Addressing abiotic stress and key nutritional deficiency now will place trees and vines in an ideal state for bud formation and pollination next year. Carbohydrate reserves need to be met now so that trees and vines achieve maximum crop potential next year.

General Post-Harvest Programs

Almonds, like most nut crops, rely heavily on N, P, Zn, and B. After harvest, almonds begin the process of storing carbohydrates and differentiating buds for next year. Nitrogen, P, Zn, and B are the necessary nutrients needed to adequately supply the tree for next years crop set.

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Cherries generally take about 4 months from bloom to maturity leaving cherries as one of the fastest developing perennial crops. Harvest is completed in the middle of the year. Since this is the case, cherries actually have 2 key timings for post harvest applications.

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Pecans “post harvest” application should be made during shuck split. This would be the best timing to provide the most nutrient uptake for next years crop. Applying nutrients at this time in pecans gives the tree the proper nutrients to store for bud break and crop set for the following year.

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When proper nutrients are applied during bud differentiation, and at post harvest, carbohydrates are stored in place to produce the maximum crop for the following year. Pistachios rely heavily on N, P K, Zn, and B to produce the best crop possible.

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Like most perennial crops, walnuts depend on the nutrients they have stored over winter to push flowers and new growth in early spring. Root flush usually does not start until after flowers and leaves have already broke dormancy.

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Wine grapes are generally worn down by the time harvest comes around. Harvest usually takes a pretty good toll on the leaves and shoots of the wine grapes.

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