Post-Harvest Actions Make a Difference for Your Next Crop 

by Justin Rose

Soon after harvest here in the southern San Joaquin Valley, growers can take a positive step to ensuring strong yield and quality in next year’s crops.

A week to ten days after the last almonds, pistachios and walnuts come off the tree, and table, wine and raisin grapes are picked, marks the ideal time to give your plants the right nutritional boost. Building carbohydrate storage and proteins in the plant provides them energy when coming out of dormancy in the springtime. 

Banx is a great choice as a foliar application of three to four pounds per acre to achieve these results. It provides a beneficial combination of phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and boron. It has the added strength of proprietary carbon compounds that elevate antioxidant production within the plant, which helps promote photosynthetic activity. That combination helps assure a healthy conversation to storage of carbohydrates and proteins.

This cost-effective investment provides excellent return. 

With almond and walnut growers battling record low prices and record high production costs, coupled with higher water cost and scarcity, some have found a creative option for application.  Applying Banx through drip irrigation can save $30 to $40 per acre through reduced applicator expenses. 

One application can make a significant difference. Depending on a grower’s budget and crop, two to three applications will take place, providing an even greater lift for next year.

I’m grateful that Redox Bio-Nutrients can help growers, particularly through the hurdles we’ve seen this year. 

Justin Rose
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