Starting a New Chapter

by Harrison Borges

Just like seasons on the farm, it seems those of us working in agriculture have seasons of growth and change.

I’m starting an exciting new chapter, as I will depart Redox to start my new job as in-house PCA, farm manager and application manager for a family farm in the Stockton Delta area. This is a dream job for me and will allow me to get back to my roots, where I feel most comfortable.

This isn’t an easy move, as I leave behind many friends and a great company.

The California agronomists were incredibly helpful during my time at Redox. Several times every week, I spoke on many issues with Justin Rose, Danny Adamo, and our coastal agronomists, Kort Holzwart and Bill Schwoerer. I’ll miss our camaraderie, friendship, and their tremendous expertise. 

We all farm different things across the United States, but if you know plant anatomy and plant biology, there are great conversations happening, and you can correlate the information to your crop.

One of the toughest parts of leaving Redox is the friendship and leadership from my boss, Jared Sannar.  Of course, Darin Moon and his entire family provided so much enthusiasm and support.

It will be interesting to follow the Redox and the entire area of bio-nutrients and bio-stimulants. I would expect demand will continue to grow, as more understand just how efficient and effective these materials are.

Agriculture is a big industry, but it’s also tight-knit. People stay in touch, and that’s my hope. I know the road to Burley and hope to be back to visit such good friends.

Harrison Borges
Harrison grew up in Riverdale, CA, a farming town south of Fresno. He worked for a family farm and grew up around cotton, tomatoes, onions, garlic, almonds, and pistachios. He attended Fresno State and graduated with a BS in Plant Health. He worked for Helena Chemical in college and after graduation. Most recently he worked as a PCA for Ratto Bros in Modesto, CA where he walked 34 different vegetables for them and managed the spray equipment.
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