Redox Bio-Nutrients Expands Presence in Japan Through Stock Acquisition of Axxion Corporation

by Jim Morris

Burley, Idaho:  Redox Bio-Nutrients has acquired 10 percent of the Axxion Corporation LLC, marking an important step in the companies expanding international presence. Axxion was founded 42 years ago by Mory Ogata, and provides a steadily growing amount of fertilizers and moisture management surfactants to golf courses throughout Japan. The company has also seen steady growth in plant nutrition for traditional agricultural crops in the country, including rice.

At the same time, Qvou, Inc., a fast growing marketing company, is the majority shareholder of this new partnership, with 80 percent of the total.

“I had additional opportunities, but partnering with Qvou and Redox were superior for a variety of reasons,” Ogata said. “Product development has pole-vaulted Redox to become one of the most impressive companies of its kind in the United States. Additionally, Qvou CEO Ryotaro Kubo has led his company to be one of the fastest growing mid-sized companies in Japan. I am honored to partner with both businesses.”

“The quality of courses and increasing interest in golf make Japan a highly-valuable market for our company,” remarked Redox Bio-Nutrients President Colton Moon, who will serve on the Axxion Board with Kubo and Ogata. “Mory has done an exceptional job expanding interest in our products, and there’s tremendous promise for our technology with many of Japan’s agricultural crops. We are excited about the opportunity to grow our agricultural product sales throughout East Asia.”

Axxion has long term purchase contractors with Redox and one other supplier for exclusive distribution rights in Japan.

Agriculture is a principal industry throughout East Asia, and Redox Bio-Nutrients technology can help growers bolster quality and yield of a variety of bountiful crops that flourish in the region. For the past 30 years, Redox Bio-Nutrients has provided superior plant nutrition with added biostimulants to help growers grow abundant, high quality crops through Redox Homeostasis, or plant charge balance.

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Jim Morris
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