What Is Fractionation and Why It Matters

by Darin Moon

I have never been more excited about our understanding of plant physiology and the important role the right amounts of nutrients and biostimulants play in growing healthy food.  As a result, we at Redox Bio-Nutrients are perfectly positioned to help agriculture during this paradigm shift in plant nutrition.

A critical process in our products that helps plants thrive is fractionation, which involves taking a large molecule and breaking it down into its individual parts, so it can be assembled into something different. Before fractionation begins, we also put significant care and effort into the quality of the desired minerals to be fractionated and their extraction process, which makes all the difference in the desired result.

Our years of experience using fractionation allows us to separate out the most beneficial materials that are blended in specific percentages to yield the best results. I know of no other company that takes these steps to the degree that we do. Fractionation is very expensive and takes an enormous amount of time, which deters many from pursuing it.

We fractionate amino acids, then reassemble them in optimal percentages. One of the clear victories from this painstaking approach is the glycine we use in our products. As a catalyst for building protein, the glycine we have fractionated is of the highest quality, which is a huge help in generating a beneficial plant reaction.

Auto racing provides a good analogy to the importance of fractionation. The worst thing a driver wants in a race car is extra weight. The same thing holds true for organic extracts. I want just what is needed, nothing else. We at Redox Bio-Nutrients are focused on active ingredients, instead of gross concentration. The greater specificity and higher quality the ingredients, the greater help they will be to plants.

Fractionation is not an esoteric concept without real world benefits. It is a difference maker for growers seeking the most effective, efficient ways to grow their crops. It is good to remember that how you nourish your crops is just as important as the seeds you plant.

As sustainability continues to have a greater role in the landscape of agriculture, a highly thoughtful approach to crop inputs is a good way to do more with less. Using Redox Bio-Nutrients products also makes sound economic and business sense because these carefully fractioned molecules allow reduced costs on other inputs while maintaining and increasing yields.

Darin Moon
Darin Moon is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Redox Bio-Nutrients
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