Proving Our Bio-Nutrient Technology

by Jim Morris

Growers take many risks and their crop nutrition shouldn’t be one of them. Here at Redox Bio-Nutrients, proving out our technology is a vital part of having full confidence that our products deliver as advertised.

Headed by Dr. Gifford Gillette, our research team had an extremely busy 2023. Results of their work are highlighted in our Redox Results 2023 Collection. Last year, we conducted trials with corn, apples, peanuts, lettuce, tomatoes, and a dozen other crops. We tested our product capabilities in the four core areas where we excel: root growth, soil health, abiotic stress defense, and nutrient efficiency.

The results confirmed that we continue to deliver unparalleled benefits.

Download the Redox Bio-Nutrients Redox Results 2023 Collection

One trial during a heatwave in California’s Central Coast showed significant abiotic stress defense. Even though temperatures reached 108 degrees, the wine grape vineyard where Mainstay™ Si was applied recorded a 48 percent reduction in raisining compared to untreated vines.

Continuing with extreme results, we quantified exciting nitrogen efficiency and plant nutrition gains in five trials with our newest technology being readied for the market, RDX-N™. It’s a stable, botanical extract bio-stimulant combined with organic carbon compounds. RDX-N™ includes proprietary, patent-pending extraction of the highest quality ingredients that consistently deliver nitrogen use efficiency unattained in agriculture until now.

We are excited about the depth and breadth of trials already underway this year whether on our research farm in Burley, Idaho or through cooperators. We will continue to share results and continue to challenge ourselves to ensure our products remain a tremendous asset to growers, as they provide more nutritious food to consumers.

Jim Morris
With 30+ years in Agricultural Communications, including California Farm Bureau and California Rice Commission, Jim Morris brings a strong voice to Redox Bio-Nutrients. As Director of Communications, Jim spearheads the podcast, interviewing customers, retailers, and others throughout the country. This has enabled him to make a fundamental, positive difference for farmers. In his own words, "When agriculture is strong, we all win!"
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