Redox Reactions: Essential to Life Itself

by Darin Moon

Farming today is so complex and competitive that every bit of insight into growing healthy plants is crucial.

A full understanding of what a redox reaction is and how it impacts plant health provides crucial insight into finding the agronomic approach that will bring optimum yield and quality.

The term redox reaction originated about a century ago, and it means the simultaneous chemical reaction of oxidation and reduction. Redox reactions are the basic biochemical reactions critical to all life on Earth.  

The byproduct of a redox reaction is reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can be caused by actions such as photosynthesis (using sunlight to synthesize food), mitochondria processes (where energy production and respiration occur), and peroxisome activity (metabolic functions). Excessive levels of ROS can damage plants and organic molecules. In response, plants over time have developed antioxidants for self-defense.

The problem is any number of stresses, ranging from bad weather to disease, can severely reduce a plant’s ability to balance ROS. When a plant is out of balance, its growth and productive capacity suffer.

 A healthy plant has the proper balance of cations (+) and anions (-). An equal amount of both creates redox homeostasis, or plant charge balance.

I have devoted 30 years to studying plants, with the goal of helping produce healthy farm fields and nutritious food for consumers. Through countless hours of research, payoffs have come and are now happening at a faster rate.

 Technology from Redox Bio-Nutrients reflects our best, continually evolving scientific knowledge. Our products have highly targeted Redox Active Substrates, which act as critical molecules for plants to achieve redox homeostasis.  These Redox Active Substrates are created using the highest quality material that is fractionated (broken down at the molecular level) through our painstaking process.  The end results are exceptional products, which allow the plants to be more self-sufficient and have less need for large amounts of traditional synthetic fertilizers.  Our Redox product line helps your plants achieve redox homeostasis, leaving them perfectly situated to devote their energy to growing healthier, stronger, higher-yield crops.

It is gratifying to know all our painstaking research is yielding such positive results. With all the challenges our world faces, sound science can truly help grow healthier plants with less synthetic fertilizer and ensure a brighter future for us all.

Darin Moon
Darin Moon is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Redox Bio-Nutrients
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