Expanded Partnership of Redox Bio-Nutrients and Willard Agri-Service to Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions With Expert Plant Nutrition Support

by Jim Morris

Exceptional nutrition for East Coast Specialty Crops Now Available

Consistent quality and continued innovation are keys to successful farming. A new expanded
partnership between longtime plant nutrition companies Redox Bio-Nutrients and Willard Agri-Service delivers on those elements.

This agreement builds on long-term synergy between the companies. Through it, Redox expands its reach into the Eastern U.S., and Willard expands into specialty crops. Redox products will be used to help growers boost crop quality, yield and marketability. Willard will use its superior service and valued relationships with growers to maximize the benefits of Redox products.

Redox technology is an ideal fit for Willard’s leadership in sustainable farming, as ultra-efficient inputs benefit farm efficiency, environmental stewardship and a strong bottom line for growers. “Our expanded partnership with Redox Bio-Nutrients will build on the already strong synergy we have had with Redox for years,” said Willard CEO, Billy Willard. “It fits perfectly into our core mission of helping producers grow more, while protecting crops, soil, and the environment.”

“This is a tremendously exciting program,” said Redox Bio-Nutrients Owner, Founder and CEO, Darin Moon. “When you factor in our high caliber partner, Willard, with our proven combination of superior nutrition with added biostimulants, we expect widespread benefits for all involved.”

In the coming months, East Coast specialty crop growers can look for updates from both
companies regarding crop programs and effective technology for agronomic success.
For the past 30 years, Redox Bio-Nutrients LLC has provided superior plant nutrition with
biostimulants to help growers grow abundant, high quality crops through Redox Homeostasis, or plant charge balance. Find out more at redoxgrows.com.

Now into its third-generation, Willard Agri-Service provides a wide range of plant nutrition and services to help growers excel. Our highest priorities are our customers, our employees and our planet. Learn more at willardag.com.

Jim Morris
With 30+ years in Agricultural Communications, including California Farm Bureau and California Rice Commission, Jim Morris brings a strong voice to Redox Bio-Nutrients. As Director of Communications, Jim spearheads the podcast, interviewing customers, retailers, and others throughout the country. This has enabled him to make a fundamental, positive difference for farmers. In his own words, "When agriculture is strong, we all win!"
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