Is Your Crop Nutrition in Balance?

by Bill Schwoerer

Is Your Crop Nutrition in Balance?

By Bill Schwoerer

All plants uptake their nutrition as charged ions.  Nutrients like nitrogen (NO3) and phosphorus (P04) are applied at relatively high volumes, which can cause a charge imbalance in crops.

In order to maintain balanced nutrition and balanced charge in crop production, other crop nutrients with an opposing charge like potassium (K+) and calcium (Ca++) are critical to offset the negative charge imbalances from nitrates and phosphates.   

In essence, charge imbalance from a grower’s fertility choices can create abiotic stress, which leads to oxidative stress, crop production losses and increased susceptibility to external crop stress. 

The high value crops that we assist growers with in California’s coastal areas often face stress from a host of factors, including untimely rain, excessive heat, high winds and salt accumulation in their soils from irrigation and fertigation during our long growing season. Some of the most effective products we work with include Mainstay™ Calcium 2.0/Organic, Mainstay™ Si/Organic, Penecal™/Organic, diKaP™, H85™/Organic and Rx Platinum™. 

Executing a balanced nutrition program will ensure that your crops are poised to weather the constant barrage of abiotic and biotic stress that your crop will encounter every day.

Redox Bio-Nutrients products are designed with this in mind, providing nutrition in ionic, plant-available form. Our products are chelated, complexed, and encapsulated, using carbon-based technologies to provide the balance your crop needs.  We call this balanced approach achieving “Redox Homeostasis”.

Simply put, when you incorporate Redox products, your crop will receive a source of nutrition that will provide the balance your crop needs to deliver optimal productivity.

Bill Schwoerer
Bill Schwoerer has extensive experience in the agricultural industry including roles focused on crop nutrition, biostimulants, and vegetable seed. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. His track record includes building mutually successful relationships for several agriculture companies including AlgaEnergy, Concentric™ Ag Corporation, Valent® USA, Harris Moran® Seed Company, Seminis® Vegetable Seeds, Inc., Abbott® Laboratories, and A. Duda and Sons®.
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