Redox 30th Anniversary

by Jim Morris

Redox Bio-Nutrients celebrates Milestone 30th Anniversary in Agriculture

Burley, Idaho: From humble beginnings to becoming an industry leader across the U.S. and internationally, Redox Bio-Nutrients continues to help growers effectively and sustainably grow healthier plants .

“We started in 1994 with $10 in our checking account and an idea,” remarked Redox owner, founder and CEO, Darin Moon. “My wife, Valerie, took the role as supermom with our kids, while corporate agronomist John Kelly and I were on the road building the business. Through perseverance and sound science, we fought through the lean times and made the company what it is today. We couldn’t have done it without the growers and ag retailers who have been such great partners in this journey.”

Technology from Redox Bio-Nutrients includes 36 agricultural products, six of which are organic, and 13 golf and sports turf products through the Redox TurfRx line. Redox has obtained six patents and 40 trademarks, with products sold in 48 states and 20 countries.

Moon and Kelly remain extremely active in the company. Darin and Valerie’s family members play pivotal roles at Redox, including sons Colton and Kody. Colton is the company’s president and Kody serves in several roles within company leadership.

Redox was among the first to provide biostimulant technology, in addition to highly efficient, carbon-based plant nutrition. Today the plant biostimulant marketplace is occupied by some 1,200 companies.

“We are constantly challenging ourselves to help growers get the most from their fields and orchards,” said Colton Moon. “Sustainability must go beyond doing more with less to also factor in a grower’s bottom line. Just as our family business includes multiple generations, we are working hard to help ensure future generations of family farmers.”

Redox Bio-Nutrients LLC provides superior plant nutrition with biostimulants to help growers produce abundant, high quality crops through Redox Homeostasis, or plant charge balance.  Find out more at redoxgrows.com/30th-anniversary/.

Jim Morris
With 30+ years in Agricultural Communications, including California Farm Bureau and California Rice Commission, Jim Morris brings a strong voice to Redox Bio-Nutrients. As Director of Communications, Jim spearheads the podcast, interviewing customers, retailers, and others throughout the country. This has enabled him to make a fundamental, positive difference for farmers. In his own words, "When agriculture is strong, we all win!"
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