Crop Set


In many cropping systems, the key reproductive stage of bloom coincides with multiple environmental stress factors that can limit optimum crop set and retention. To assure optimum set under these circumstances, the plant requires energy and optimum nutrition. Carbohydrates are the key source of energy and are compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Carbohydrates must combine with ammoniacal nitrogen to form amino acids. As nitrogen is a key factor, it is important to make sure plant nitrogen metabolizes properly in order to get the key reproductive benefits the crop needs to maximize yield.

Key Facts

Nitrate-nitrogen is extremely mobile in the soil and easily absorbed by the root membrane and stored in the cell vacuole. Nitrate-nitrogen stored in the cells is of minimal value to the plant if the plant does have the resources to convert into amino acids. Excess accumulation of nitrate-nitrogen in the cells leads to chemical and physiological changes in the cells that are detrimental. Some of these affects are weaker cell walls (leads to abiotic and biotic stresses), increased vegetative growth, and reduced reproductive crop potential.

The process of converting nitrate-nitrogen into amino acids is called nitrogen metabolism. In order for nitrogen metabolism to occur, the plant needs carbohydrates to convert the nitrogen into amino acids. The carbohydrates can come from stored reserves from previous year applications, but more times than not, the plant will need additional help to convert nitrogen into amino acids. These amino acids are the building block to the plant and lead to better reproductive growth and crop set.

Redox Solution

Supreme Flowable

A key technology for strategic nitrogen metabolism helping the plant convert nitrogen into amino acids is Supreme. Supreme is a reacted plant nutrient that contains soluble carbon compounds that are derived from a proprietary fermentation process. The combination of the plant available nutrients and specific soluble carbon from the fermentation process allow the crop to properly metabolize nitrogen. Supreme consistently promotes crop set on crops under all conditions. Improved crop set can be a key strategy for improving yield.

·     Apply 0.25-0.5 gallons per acre as a foliar application at approximately 50% bloom and repeat post-bloom.

·     For fertigation applications on annual crops, apply 0.25-0.5 gallons per acre at initial stages of reproductive growth and repeat within 7-10 days. (if this piece is directed at tree crops we can omit this recommendation)

Redox Results