Starter Fertilizer


Early season root development increases plant vigor, improves stand establishment, reduces crop stress, and strongly influences the crop’s seasonal performance. In order to develop strong roots early in the crop life cycle, it is important to get the right Starter Fertilizer program. Three factors to focus on in Starter Fertilizer is phosphorus and key botanical extracts for root growth, root mass, and root metabolism. And soluble carbon to increase microbial diversity and proper microbial function.

Key Facts


Phosphorus is the main component of ATP, the energy molecule of the plant. The plant available form of phosphorus is in the chemical form of PO4=. The strong and reactive negative charge of phosphorus creates chemical challenges in the soil environment. Elements such as calcium with a positive charge create undesirable reactions rendering the phosphorus unavailable for plant assimilation. The vast majority of soil reserve phosphorus is “tied-up”, meaning reacted in compounds that the plant can’t utilize. When identifying phosphorus nutrition opportunities, it is essential to identify phosphorus sources that have been complexed and protected to prevent undesirable reactions in the soil and/or in the mix tank.

Soluble Carbon

Soluble carbon is critical to proper microbial function in the soil. Adequate microbial activity in the soil directly impacts root development. The role of soluble carbon includes:
- Solubilize minerals thru improved biological activity
- Improve soil structure
- Improve water holding capacity
- Improve nitrogen and phosphorus efficiency

Soluble carbon comes in short-, medium-, and long-chain soluble molecules. Soluble carbon added to a Starter Fertilizer program will improve soil microbe interactions in the rhizosphere to enhance nutrient uptake, water management, and improve overall Soil Health.

Redox Solution

Rootex Flowable

Redox provides the best complexed phosphorus technology in the industry. Rootex Flowable uses proprietary complexing technology to react phosphorus with soluble carbon to protect the phosphorus molecule from undesired reactions in the soil or in the mix tank. Redox’s phosphorus technology can increase phosphorus efficiency by 16x. The added benefit to Rootex Flowable are the 6 specific L-amino acids that promote lateral root branching and increase overall root density.

  • Apply "in furrow" 0.25-0.5 gallon/acre

  • Apply "side by side" 0.5-1 gallon/acre


RootRx is a botanical extract the promotes root metabolism and enhances root mass. RootRx contains proprietary bio-active carbon compounds that promote antioxidant production within the root system. The promotion of antioxidant production will reduce abiotic stress and increase the overall quality and quantity of the roots.

  • Apply "in furrow" 8-32 ounces

  • Apply "side by side" 16-48 ounces

H-85 Flowable

­H-85 Flowable is a multi-extraction humic and fulvic acid that contains short- and medium-chain soluble carbon molecules, and what differentiates H-85 Flowable is the proprietary long-chain soluble carbon molecules that provide a long term added benefit. H-85 Flowable is soluble across a broad pH range, improving soluble carbon availability in all soil types.

  • Apply "in furrow" 8-16 ounces

  • Apply "side by side" 0.5-1 quart

Rx Platinum

Rx Platinum contains Rootex Flowable, H-85 Flowable, and diKaP technology to provide an easy-to-use product to promote root growth and microbial diversity. Rx Platinum utilizes Redox’s complexing and chelating technology to protect the phosphorus and potassium molecules for more efficient uptake within the plant, while reducing abiotic stress and improving overall soil health.

  • Apply "in furrow" 0.5-1 quart

  • Apply "side by side" 0.5-1 gallon

Other Factors to Consider

Crop Safety

It is important to make sure to limit high salt loads and extreme pH’s in Starter Fertilizers. High salts loads and extreme pH can damage the seed. The benefit of Redox’s recommended Starter Fertilizer is application can be applied directly onto the seed. Before applying Redox’s Starter Fertilizer, talk to a Redox Agronomist on rates, timing, and the use of non-Redox products with Redox’s Starter Fertilizer program.