by Bill Schwoerer

This sweltering summer in much of the west will be punctuated by what may be a record-setting heatwave in much of California.

In the Central Coast region, there’s growing concern over abiotic stress, particularly heat stress. Crops especially vulnerable include berries, leafy vegetables, avocados, and late-season wine grape.

Growers are doing what they can to help their crops withstand yet another warm stretch.  Providing adequate irrigation and being proactive with crop nutrition plus incorporating stress mediating products can help maximize crop production through stress.  The key is to stay ahead of these stress events. Redox Bio-Nutrients are uniquely designed and formulated to provide crops highly available nutrition, plus the benefits of biostimulant components that help to mediate stresses from heat, salinity and other stress sources.

Some Redox Bio-Nutrient products to include in your program when the heat is on include the following:

diKaP™ helps with increased plant respiration and antioxidant production.  

Mainstay™ Si helps with antioxidant production, as well as improving calcium and silicon nutrition.

OXYCOM® Calcium is another Redox product that offers several benefits, including antioxidants, accelerating photosynthetic activity, and a boost in nutrition of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur. 

Fortunately, with our highly efficient products, a little boost can make a significant difference. 

Growers have invested so much time, energy, and resources into their crops. We’re all working hard to make sure this late heatwave doesn’t put any of that in jeopardy. 

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Bill Schwoerer
Bill Schwoerer has extensive experience in the agricultural industry including roles focused on crop nutrition, biostimulants, and vegetable seed. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. His track record includes building mutually successful relationships for several agriculture companies including AlgaEnergy, Concentric™ Ag Corporation, Valent® USA, Harris Moran® Seed Company, Seminis® Vegetable Seeds, Inc., Abbott® Laboratories, and A. Duda and Sons®.
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